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Cleantech Open’s East Coast Academy Held at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Posted by Ian Donnelly on

Boston, Massachusetts - July 6, 2017:

After the crowd grabbed coffee and found their tables with respective mentors, the National East Coast Academy was ready to begin. The room was filled with 48 startups from across the country with the majority from the Northeast but with representatives from the Southeast, Midwest, and Rocky Mountain and South Central branches of Cleantech Open.

As Kathryn Elmes, Director of Cleantech Open Northeast, took the stand, the crowd fell quiet to listen to her opening remarks. “Welcome to East Coast Academy and thank you all so...

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  • By Ian Donnelly on in Northeast

AmebaGone Inc.

Posted by Steve Webster on

AmebaGone Inc. fights bacterial infection without antibiotics or toxic chemicals

“One of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today”

Antibiotics are used everywhere

  • Human medicine
  • Disease prevention and treatment in agricultural plants and animals
  • Growth promotion in agricultural animals

If you’ve ever had a friend or loved one in the hospital or a long-term care facility, you know the fear of antibiotic resistant infections, particularly multiple antibiotic-resistant strains. Easily passed between individuals and difficult to...

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  • By Steve Webster on in Midwest

Sofi's Taste Kineto

Posted by Steve Webster on

Sofi’s Taste Kineto

Sofi’s Taste Kineto is the first Ethiopian Brewery company in Minnesota. The name of the drink is Kineto, known as “Tella”. Fulfilling the natural desire taste of sweet and smooth. The drink is made out of natural grains of barley, honey, and water. Our business aims to bring a familiar taste to the Ethiopian community while providing a new taste the American community. As the drink is made out of natural grain ingredients, we are being mindful of our waste. Instead of simply just throwing away the cooked barley we are strategizing...

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  • By Steve Webster on in Midwest