16 Regional Finalist Startups Ready for Global Forum, Nov. 11-12, at USC, LA, CA

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All regional showcases just wrapped up! 

The sixteen regional finalist startups described above and in our blog will now compete for the U.S. National Prize. Over 50 current cohort companies have signed up for Global Forum; over 40 investors for Investor Connect; and dozens more startups will be demoing. Visit our blog to see more on our regional finalists.

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AeroShield - Winner
Aeroshield has developed a highly transparent, super-insulating silica aerogel used to insulate windows.

Enersion - Runner-up
Enersion Incorporation has invented a green cooling solution that saves up to 70% on electricity by utilizing unused waste/heat, without using any harmful refrigerants.
Feedback Solutions - Runner-up
Feedback Solutions technology utilizes raw data produced by people-counting and tracking sensors to apply their algorithm via an Intel Gateway, resulting in 95+% accurate, real-time occupant counts that are communicated via BACnet/IP to the Building Automation System (BAS) optimizing ventilation rates to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions.
Flux Marine - Winner
The automotive industry has recently undergone an electric revolution, yet the marine industry lags far behind. REvolution OUtboards has set out to design, manufacture, and market electric outboard marine motors to the boating industry.
Quatcare - Winner
QUATCARE  is striving to solve global industrial water microbial contamination. QUATCARE embeds a mix of quaternary ammonium compounds permanently into the surface of a product, allowing the surface to have continuous antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of pathogens.
Teratonix - Winner
Currently, IoT sensors and active medical devices are mainly powered by batteries and there is no commercially available remote powering solution for either. Teratonix has developed an ultrahigh-speed Metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) heterojunction diode. 

Read the full announcement from NECEC / CTO Northeast. 


necoPlastics - Winner
Startup necoPlastics takes waste plastics and a byproduct of the coal burning process to create new usable advanced materials.
Mycocycle - Honorable Mention
Mycocycle contributes to a closed-loop supply chain, converting carbon heavy waste into non-toxic, biobased materials for reuse.


Chi Botanic - Winner
Chi Botanic is a cellular ag company growing products from plant cell cultures without negative impacts and limitations of traditional agriculture.
Recapture Technologies LLC - Honorable Mention
Recapture Technologies has developed a series of bioreactors that pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into materials already used in many industries. These materials currently have a total market of $300 Billion. The startup claims it can produce these materials for less than they are currently produced for, thereby saving money while actively reversing climate change. 


Low Carbon Beef - Winner
Low Carbon Beef is a branded beef product that certifies beef produced with lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than the current industry.
 Walbom Wall - Honorable Mention
 Walbom Wall is a permanent, non-toxic, inorganic, insulating wet wall that stays in place after a flood, creating resilience & saving waste.


ecoSPEARS - Winner
ecoSPEARS will protect human health by ushering in the carbonless future of environmental cleanup to provide clean food, water, and air.
Nhu Energy - Honorable Mention
We enable distributed energy at scale with best-in-class situational awareness, aggregation, and control solutions.


CrossnoKaye - Winner
We build industrial controls software for the modern energy landscape. We fuse a physics-based approach with an energy-centric mindset.
Oasense - Winner
Smart shower-head that saves the Earth while saving you gallons of dollars without sacrificing experience of showering.
Swirltex- Winner
A tubular membrane technology company with a novel twist that has greater energy efficiency, flux and decreased downtime compared to tubular membranes on the market today.
Radii Robotics, Inc- Runner-up
AI-Driven Aerial Robots with Hand-like Dexterity to Perform Manual Labor at High Altitudes.
 RePurpose Energy- Runner-up

 RePurpose Energy reuses electric vehicle batteries to store solar energy.
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