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Cleantech Open Northeast Welcomes 30 Cleantech Startups to Participate in the 2018 Cleantech Open Accelerator

Posted by Beth Zonis on

Emphasis on agriculture, water & waste, and information & communications technology, with a class of 30 companies, plus 6 CDP teams from across the Northeast.

Boston, MA -- June 11, 2018 -- Cleantech Open Northeast, the Northeast region of the world’s oldest and largest cleantech accelerator program, today announced its 2018 class of 30 startups developing clean technology solutions related to energy, agriculture, water, waste management, advanced materials, and more. Here is a full list of companies participating in the 2018 Cleantech Open Northeast...

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  • By Beth Zonis on in Northeast

Cleantech Open Northeast Hosts 2018 Mentor Mixer

Posted by Elise Baker on

Connections were the focus of Cleantech Open Northeast’s 2018 ‘mentor mixer’, hosted by Pepper Hamilton on May 23. While founders of startups concentrated on meeting the right mentors to maximize their development in this year’s program, the structure of the event enabled them to pitch their ideas to a variety of listeners in two different formats.

The event in New York was the second mentor mixer in two days for Cleantech Open Northeast. On May 22, a similar event was held in Boston, which was also well attended. 

The evening began with an introduction...

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  • By Elise Baker on in Northeast

Cleantech Startups and Mentors Generate Excitement for 2018 Cleantech Open Accelerator

Posted by Malayah Redmond on

Greentown Labs Global Center for Cleantech Innovation, Somerville, MA---March 22, 2018


                      Attendees gather around the stage for the highlight of the night. Photos by Jonathan Lantz.

“Hello, everyone! We are going to start our programming for the evening soon!” All eyes turned towards the stage as Program Manager Gina Bellato announced the formal programming of the evening. And after a couple minutes of wrangling the crowd into the open presentation space, the...

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  • By Malayah Redmond on in Northeast