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These are just a few CTO alumni success stories - at all stages of development back to CTO's launch in 2006



2016 | Pacific Northwest Region

MicroNOC solves the problem of demand management, where utility demand charges can run as high as 50 percent of a company's total electricity costs. Precise actions within a 5-15 minute long response period to a demand cost trigger is required to minimize electricity costs. MicroNOC provides one platform that connects all energy consumables saving solutions under one centralized network to respond to the energy spike. Moreover, MicroNOC can use its system to provide temporary relief to spikes on the grid itself, saving the utility the cost of building new power plants.


Formerly Cardinal Wind

Acquired by Ultra Capital

2015 | Northeast Region

EverVest, a Boston-based technology firm providing advanced software for analyzing and valuing renewable infrastructure projects,was acquired in mid-July 2016 by Ultra Capital, an investment leader focused on scaling institutional investing into small and mid-sized sustainable infrastructure and real asset projects in agriculture, energy, water, and waste.

NG1 Technologies 

Partnered with Gray Line


2014 | Global Forum Award

NG1 Technologies, a cleantech solutions company, provides the transportation industry with some of the most advanced fuel savings, increased engine performance and reduced emission and sound pollution benefits on the market.  2014 recipient of the Clean Tech Open award, the company's signature offering, the TechFlo Exhaust, is an aftermarket exhaust system with no moving parts that has been proven to provide an average of 10% fuel savings and is designed and manufactured in America. It uses an advanced application of fluid dynamics to enhance the efficiency of diesel engines to maximize fleet operations and costs. New product lines include agriculture and stationary generators, with oil and gas, utilities and additional vehicle types coming in the future.  Headquartered in Atlanta, the NG1 Technologies leadership is built on decades of knowledge and insight in transportation, mechanical engineering and manufacturing. 

Axiom Exergy 


2014 | Western Region

Axiom Exergy is an energy storage company focused on making the world’s energy systems smarter and more efficient. With deep expertise in supermarket energy management, thermal energy systems engineering, hardware development,and product commercialization, Axiom Exergy provides its customers with turnkey power management solutions that reduce operational costs and business risk. Axiom Exergy also offers no-money-down financing so that supermarkets and commercial buildings with high refrigeration-based energy loads can save more than they pay from day one.



2013 | Global Forum

HelioBioSys is developing a patented, sustainable sugar feedstock production process for the bio-products industry. In September, 2016,  HelioBioSys received $200K worth of support in an award from the U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Vouchers pilot to test cyanobacteria as a renewable source of sugar for biofuel production, with the bulk of the support provided in the form of access to the national laboratories' biofuel production testing facilities.  



2012 | Western Region

SMASHsolar announced the U.S. launch of SMASHmount, the world’s first direct attach solar module. Called “solar LEGOS®” by installers, SMASHmount saves up to $0.15/W on overall system cost by reducing the number of installation steps by half and number of unique parts to just two. The mounting-integrated modules snap together and attach directly to a residential composition shingle roof in less than half the time of traditional mounting systems. SMASH’s snap-together dual-glass module mounting is setting a new industry standard for speed and ease of installation. By slashing the time an installation takes, SMASH allows installers to maximize profits and dramatically lower the cost of going solar for their customers.



2011 | Western Region Energy Efficiency Competition

Verdigris offers advanced analytics with an in-house measurement and verification technology solution services overlay. Verdigris’ energy monitoring system offers deep insight into energy savings opportunities by analyzing high-resolution electricity consumption data from buildings’ circuits mapped against utility data. Verdigris is in the “energy disaggregation” field. Energy Disaggregation refers to technologies that allow energy managers to take a whole building (aggregate) energy signal and separate it into appliance-specific data (i.e., plug or end use data) by turning electrical circuits and meters into sensors. This allows for the creation of a detailed map of energy usage in buildings.

Indow Windows

Comfort All Year 

2011 Energy Efficiency Winner | Pacific Northwest Region

Indow Windows are thermal window inserts that simply press into the inside of your window frames to give you money-saving, double-pane window performance, but at a fraction of the cost. Indow Windows boost your year-round comfort by blocking hot summer blasts and cold winter drafts. As a bonus, Indow Windows reduce the noise that comes through your windows by 50%. Best of all, Indow Windows almost disappear when installed, letting your home's own beauty shine through.


An Amazing New Technology for Purifying Water 

2010 Grand Prize Winner | Pacific Northwest Region

Puralytics has pioneered an entirely new photochemical technology for water purification. Enabled by recent advances in: Semiconductors - efficient, high power LEDs; Optics - uniform, high intensity illumination; Nanotechnology - cost effective, fixed photocatalyst coating.



2010 | Northeast Region

FINsix® was founded by a team of MIT graduate students with the goal of using their technology to build the smallest, lightest, and highest-performing power electronics. They chose the laptop adapter as their first product and set about the task of making high-frequency power ready for commercial production. To help them achieve this objective, they have built a dedicated team that includes veterans of the power industry specialized in product design, system integration and manufacturing. The team is now 35 strong and based in Menlo Park, CA.

Armageddon Energy

Solar on Every Roof 

2009 Renewable Energy  | Western Region

Armageddon Energy is a solar-focused cleantech start-up that aims to make it simpler for homeowners to invest in renewable energy technology.  Their SolarClover™ is a 1kW AC rooftop solar system for home owners and anyone who wants an attractive, affordable, easy to install solar system. The SolarClover™ makes generating energy from the Sun as simple as getting a new dishwasher.

Dragonfly systems 

Acquired by SunPower

2009 | Pacific Northwest Region

Dragonfly Systems developed an innovative architecture that enables an inexpensive, compact device to increase the number of PV modules that can be connected in series. This reduces the balance of systems cost by increasing the efficiency of resource utilization: inverters, wiring, plant layout etc. It also provides unprecedented insight into the performance and health of individual panels in large installations. The team earned third place and $20,000 at the Department of Energy's 2013 FLoW Competition and won a coveted DOE SunShot award. Dragonfly Systems was acquired by SunPower in 2014 and is deploying their innovative product at scale through them.

Alphabet Energy  

Thermodynamics for Waste Recovery 

2009 Energy Efficiency | Western Region

Alphabet Energy, Inc. is commercializing a breakthrough, inexpensive waste heat recovery technology initially developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Their revolutionary all-silicon thermoelectric approach is the only of its kind that lends itself to massive scale, low cost, and high sustainability. With Alphabet Energy's products, customers may use their waste heat to generate electrical power in the range of microwatts to megawatts.


Revolution in Micro-Hydropower 

2009 | Pacific Northwest Region

Hydrovolts offers new in-stream hydrokinetic turbines for clean energy generation around the world. Hydrovolts turbines boast several technological innovations that "make their turbines the cost-effective answer for your hydrokinetic power needs." Their products pay for themselves in five years or less in appropriate sites.


Previously Flodesign

Revolution in Micro-Hydropower 

2008 | Northeast Region 

The Ogin wind turbine is different.  Its unique shroud design takes advantage of the latest advances in the aerospace industry to change physical airflow patterns through and around the turbine.  Annual energy output per kW of rated capacity is increased by 50%, while peak energy output from the ultra compact rotor is increased by up to three times per unit of swept area. The result is a quiet, compact 100 kW turbine that outperforms any other midscale turbine on the market.



2007 | Smart Power Global Forum

By connecting people to their buildings, Lucid is redefining the commercial building space and the future of people-centric building technology. Lucid's intuitive solutions empower organizations to make smarter decisions that reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, and accelerate team productivity. Lucid's focus is software. They build industry-leading, cloud-based software for the end user, and partner with best-in-class hardware and services providers to do the rest.

Adura Technologies

The Leader in Wireless Lighting Control 

2006 | Western Region

The Adura Lighting Control System is a powerful energy management platform comprised of six simple components: a web-based dashboard, an internet-connected Gateway, Light Controllers that are installed within light fixtures, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall controls. Adura’s core wireless technology was developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Adura’s system uses standard IEEE 802.15.4 low-power radios that communicate several hundred feet using very little power. By forming a self-healing, adaptive mesh network, their wireless controls communicate over much longer distances and maintain reliable connectivity, even in difficult environments.

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