Eleven CTO Regional Finalists Go On to Compete For Grand Prize at the Cleantech Global Forum in January

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At the first four of Cleantech Open's regional semifinals, eleven companies were selected by judging panels of top cleantech leaders to receive $10,000 in cash and go on to represent their respective regions at Cleantech Open Global Forum in Los Angeles, CA at the end of January. Since this blog post was first published, CTO-SE and CTO-MW also selected finalists--bringing the total number of startup companies to fifteenAt the Global Forum they will compete with emerging environmental and energy technology firms throughout the nation for the national grand prize.

On October 11, Cleantech Open Northeast selected and announced four regional finalists by a judging panel of top cleantech and business leaders at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. In addition, two more teams from the top eight were selected to represent the Northeast at the Global Forum. The four winning teams demonstrated a strong trend toward information and communication technologies, chemicals and advanced materials, and water and waste. 

On October 18, Cleantech Open West selected and announced three Awards for overall excellence. Cleantech Open West also conferred two Runner-up Awards for overall excellence. Two of the winning CTO-W startups produce technologies to reduce emissions and two others further all-important energy storage. 

On November 2, Cleantech Open Midwest selected two startups to move on to represent the Midwest Region in the national competition in January at the Global Forum in Los Angeles.  One of the Midwestern startups improves the efficiency of agriculture, and the second startup produces green chemistry-based cleaning products.

Semifinal results are still pending for Cleantech Open Rocky Mountain and Cleantech Open Southeast.

Of course, all of Cleantech Open's class of 2018 startup incubator participants are encouraged to attend to hobnob and practice their pitches on like-minded green geeks, on investors, and on industry insiders!

The annual CTO Global Forum is always a great opportunity to make new connections in the burgeoning Los Angeles Cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We’ll have over 50 of our best startups from across the US and around the globe joining us at the event. Winners from our 6 US Regions will be there, as will winners from our Global Cleantech Innovation program, our partnership with the UN that is now in 7 emerging markets, and winners from ~15 countries in our Global Ideas Program.

JANUARY 28, 2019


The four CTO-NE finalists included: 

Acoustic Diagnostic Systems (ADS) provides a novel automation solution for oil and gas wells. Currently more than 90% of wells are ran manually, and the few existing automation solution are designed and priced for the top 1% producing wells. Using their novel patented sensor, ADS can infer the state of the pump deep underground by processing sound signals at the surface of the well. Their solution is 50x cheaper than what’s on the market and allows every producer to pump 5-10% more oil with a significantly reduced power consumption and maintenance costs while eliminating gas leaks at the wellhead. (Information & Communication Technologies, Boston, MA)

Aquova Water Technologies' intelligent power supplies utilizes Active Electrochemical Management Systems (AEMS) to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of electrochemical wastewater treatment plants. The AEMS is a combination of patentable hardware and software that utilizes distinct real-time control procedures to enhance the performance of electrochemical wastewater treatment systems, by reducing total energy consumption required for treatment, improving final effluent quality so it may be recycled, and providing useful insights into maintenance scheduling to reduce OPEX. (Agriculture, Water, & Waste, Toronto, Ontario)

Radical Plastics has developed a novel technology for the manufacture of economically attractive, ecologically friendly, soil biodegradable plastics. At a time when the planet is choking on plastic waste, finding ways of making non-polluting plastics has become a major global priority. Soil biodegradable plastic films with targeted onset and rates of biodegradability for agricultural applications (e.g. mulch films) is the initial focus. The technology (patent pending) involves the utilization of a naturally-occurring byproduct from industrial processing which otherwise accumulates in the environment as waste. Radical Plastics is looking for financing and partnerships to expedite the commercialization of this novel biodegradable technology in response to the global crisis of plastic pollution. (Advanced Chemicals & Materials, Marblehead, MA)

Social Solar is driving urban green energy adoption where consumers, channel partners, and energy suppliers all win! City residents can go green within minutes with the help of their algorithms and machine learning utility bill web app. This is a $10B+ opportunity within 17 USA states with deregulated energy markets. (Information & Communication Technologies, New York, NY)

The two CTO-NE runner-ups that will also compete in January's CTO Global Forum:

Magnomer, of Watertown, MA, is a versatile magnetic material marker technology which can be inexpensively applied to any rigid plastic packaging. 

TechStyle Materials, of Providence, RI, is a multifunctional material that improves the energy efficiency, comfort, and durability of buildings in new ways.
The three CTO-W finalists included: 

South 8 Technologies, Inc. which has developed a breakthrough new Liquefied Gas Electrolyte chemistry for electrochemical energy storage devices including lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors. Their patented technology allows for a substantial increase of energy, improved safety, and exceptionally wide operating temperatures. Leveraging conventional materials and manufacturing, South 8 Technologies offers a unique solution for a variety of transportation, grid storage, and aerospace applications.

Apeiron which offers an innovative zero-emission hydrogen production process that converts carbon from methane or natural gas directly into valuable products. The products include graphene sheets and graphite.

Sepion Technologies, Inc. which creates innovative membrane materials paving the path to safe, energy-dense batteries capable of powering electric vehicles for up to 400 miles, relieving consumer range anxiety, redefining electric mobility, and decarbonizing transportation. Sepion’s platform membrane technology is retrofittable, providing near-term benefits to today’s Li-ion batteries and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with next-generation Li-metal anodes and long-duration grid-storage batteries.

The two CTO-W runner-ups that will also compete in January's CTO Global Forum:

YouSolar – The company’s solar+battery system is a complete diesel generator replacement used for backup or primary power. The system eliminates any power quality problems from the grid and delivers uninterrupted and predictable power, whether the grid is up or down. The system is fully automated with an energy management system that learns customer consumption patterns and received a global solar radiation forecast from our proprietary cloud service.

RnA Innovations's CentriAirFlow is an internationally patented technology which separates and traps particles smaller than 2.5 microns from the exhaust stream of any internal combustion engine, irrespective of make, model, type of application or fuel used. CentriAirFlow's unique quality is that it removes particulates while simultaneously reducing NOx and CO emissions, mitigating exhaust noise and improving fuel efficiency by 12 to 15%. CentriAirFlow is affordable, low maintenance and ready to deploy.

The two CTO-MW finalists included:

Sanos Nutrition was chosen as the first-place winner of the nine companies in this year’s competition with their technology to help agriculture feed the world without the need for more acres, more water and more fertilizer application. 

remooble captured second-place with their line of green chemistry-based cleaning products that are safe and more effective than the toxic products they’re replacing. 

The one CTO-MW Honorable Mention was:

TerraCOH for their Earth Battery™ technology that turns carbon dioxide into a thermal reservoir fluid.  

The CTO-Rocky Mountain regional finalist was:
 Hygge Power saves utilities money, gives their customer's control of their power, and reduces emissions for everyone. The OPO family of behind-the-meter, smart-home energy storage products reduce energy costs for utilities via load-shifting programs while improving customer satisfaction and grid reliability. Hygge Power has developed a simple, elegant, affordable power storage solution which paves the road for intelligent, distributed grid storage, and a cloud-connected clean energy future.

The CTO-South East regional finalist was:

Shockwave Motors, Inc makes electric cars cool by providing a high-performance electric roadster that is economical, pollution free, and fun to drive.

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