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Meet our Global Forum Finalists - Axiom Exergy

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Axiom Exergy

The lowest-cost form of energy storage for supermarkets and refrigerated facilities.

Category : Energy Efficiency

President: Amrit Robbins CTO: Anthony Diamond

Elevator Pitch:

Unlike batteries that store electricity, our system stores refrigeration for later use by freezing a tank of water with common additives. Our system reduces supermarkets' electricity bills by shifting their refrigeration loads from on-peak hours (when electricity is expensive) to off-peak hours (when electricity is up to 80% cheaper). It can also be configured to provide backup refrigeration services, protecting supermarkets against product loss during power outages.

How we make a difference:

Supermarkets have razor thin profits of 1.38%, and they use 3x more energy than retail stores. We help supermarkets to improve their profit margins by actively managing their largest energy-consuming systems: central refrigeration. Our system can also help refrigerated facilities worldwide reduce product loss due to power outages (e.g., thunderstorms in Florida, rolling blackouts in Mumbai, etc.), contributing to both higher operating margins and higher levels of global food security.

If we win:

We will leverage the momentum to attract additional customers, investors, team members, and sales channels. We will use the proceeds to accelerate the development of our product and help finance our first full-scale pilot project with a national supermarket chain (scheduled for delivery in April).

Cleantech Open Anecdote:

An investor told us to beg, borrow, and steal in order to build a bench-scale prototype. And, we did!

Congratulations to Axiom Exergy who won the Venture Capitalists Choice Award at the 2014 Cleantech Open Global Forum.

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