Building and Energy Startups Reduce Costs While Improving Efficiency

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Improvements in energy efficiency are among the most abundant yet underutilized resources for large-scale cost reductions, energy savings, and regional economic development. Spurred by the vast potential for far-reaching improvements, cities across the US (particularly in the Northeast) have taken proactive steps in tracking and implementing energy efficiency enhancements.

The venture community and entrepreneurs alike have capitalized on these opportunities. A report from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Deutsche Bank Climate Change Advisors found...

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Meet our Global Forum Finalists - Axiom Exergy

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Axiom Exergy

The lowest-cost form of energy storage for supermarkets and refrigerated facilities.

Category : Energy Efficiency

President: Amrit Robbins CTO: Anthony Diamond

Elevator Pitch:

Unlike batteries that store electricity, our system stores refrigeration for later use by freezing a tank of water with common additives. Our system reduces supermarkets' electricity bills by shifting their refrigeration loads from on-peak hours (when electricity is expensive) to off-peak hours (when electricity is up to 80% cheaper). It can also...

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