Cleantech Open Northeast Holds ‘Tell Your Story Day’ in Boston and New York: Entrepreneurs craft narratives that communicate the value of their businesses

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At the Cleantech Open Northeast ‘Tell Your Story Day’, entrepreneurs had the chance to examine their messages from multiple angles.

Startup founders are required to pitch their ideas in many different settings. Formal presentations to investors with the goal of raising capital are typical. However, in order to get a foot in the door to make those presentations, a founder may need to be able to quickly pitch an idea when meeting a possible stakeholder unexpectedly. It is also important to create buzz around a product or service with videos and other social...

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Cleantech Startups and Mentors Generate Excitement for 2018 Cleantech Open Accelerator

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Greentown Labs Global Center for Cleantech Innovation, Somerville, MA---March 22, 2018


                      Attendees gather around the stage for the highlight of the night. Photos by Jonathan Lantz.

“Hello, everyone! We are going to start our programming for the evening soon!” All eyes turned towards the stage as Program Manager Gina Bellato announced the formal programming of the evening. And after a couple minutes of wrangling the crowd into the open presentation space, the...

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