Meet our Global Forum Finalists - Kirkland Analytics

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Kirkland Analytics

Manage water like inventory.

Category : Green Buildings

Co-Founder: Matt Rose

Elevator Pitch:

We deliver a water management solution for commercial and industrial water users, such as "Big Box" grocers, that reduces their water consumption by 20%, based on data from our 49 installations. Our plug-and-play solution automatically detects water waste events and provides our customers' frontline personnel with easy to use directions for resolving those events.

How we make a difference:

'Water is the oil of the 21st century', but...

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Meet our Global Forum Finalists - BlueMorph UV

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Waterless sanitization at light speed.

Category : Agriculture, Water, Waste

CEO: Alex Farren CTO: Noah Bareket

Elevator Pitch:

BlueMorph LLC manufactures units that use UVC light to replace chemicals and water used to sanitize tanks and containers, used in the food and beverage industry. Instead of water based sanitizing chemicals, we use UVC lights to kill germs in empty tanks and containers being sanitized.

How we make a difference:

Worldwide, ground water is being depleted. Agriculture is being heavily impacted especially in...

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