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The new face of Cleantech innovation

1.2k technology startup entrepreneurs trained
1.2b Dollars Raised
3K clean economy jobs


Since 2005 Cleantech Open (CTO) has trained over 1200 early-stage clean technology startup entrepreneurs through its annual business accelerator. A majority of CTO alumni have survived the merciless technology startup "valley of death" and gone on to raise $1.2 billion and create over 3,000 clean economy jobs.

CTO's one-of-a-kind innovation ecosystem built over the last 11 years of programming spans key cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S. and globally. As a non-profit organization run largely by volunteers, there are many ways to contribute. Join our global network of innovation and together let's forge a clean and sustainable future.


Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) Awards CTO Grant and Upswing in VC Cleantech Investment

by Emily Lundberg


Cleantech Investments back on the upswing!

In 2005, when Cleantech Open launched, venture capital investment in cleantech measured just hundreds of millions of...

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Cleantech Open West at the Global Forum 2018

by Ian Foraker

Cleantech Open West engages at the Program Year 2018 Global Forum

On January 28th, 2019, Cleantech Open West welcomed Cleantech Open startups from across the U.S. to...

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Cleantech Open Northeast Innovation Spotlight: Plastic Waste Reduction

by Annie Patyk and Kasrah Eslami


© Royal Society of Chemistry 2019

Plastic is a manmade miracle–a manipulation of nature that has fueled rapid industrial development and an improved quality of life...

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CTO Global Forum 2019 Debuts the Next Generation of Cleantech Startups

by Emily Lundberg


Early this week, the Cleantech Open held its annual Global Forum, including an alumni showcase expo, a lively series of startup pitch sessions, a curated speed dating...

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