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California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Cleantech Open West has been working with early-stage cleantech start-ups for over a decade to increase the number of viable cleantech start-ups moving into the rapidly maturing commercialization support system in the Western U.S. 

We are fueled by a network of ~400 pro bono professionals, business leaders, and representatives from our sponsor and partner organizations from across the West dedicated to bringing promising clean technologies to market.

Each year, we work with 30-50 early-stage cleantech start-ups across the West, providing them the structure, guidance, and connections to move forward with their innovative cleantech ideas and technologies.

In 2017, Cleantech Open in the US opened its doors to non-US startups that are able to participate in key events in California – our National Academy West in June and our Cleantech Open West Awards & Innovation Showcase in October. If you are a startup from outside the US and are able to join us in person for our key acceleration events, we welcome you to apply! 

Cleantech Open West
Current Activities

We have a regular Meetup in the West!

Depending on the month and the local regulations in various parts of California, we here in the West like to hold In-Person Meetup Gatherings once a month, either in LA or the Bay Area, and sometimes both. When they are not held in person, we offer a virtual event that anyone from around the country can join.

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Get to know the host organization for Cleantech Open West

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is the regional affiliate for Cleantech Open. LACI executes the Cleantech Open West accelerator and business plan competition in California, and supports Cleantech Open startups from across the West - Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.