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Jane Richards

Dragonfly Energy

Revolutionizing Li-Ion Batteries.

Category : Energy Distribution and Storage

CEO: Denis Phares COO: Sean Nichols

Elevator Pitch:

We have developed a patented process to reduce the cost of manufacturing li-ion batteries by over 50%. Our goal is to deliver safe, high quality and low cost li-ion batteries to the masses. And eventually displace heavy, toxic and antiquated lead acid batteries.

How we make a difference:

Our product will significantly reduce the environmental impact of lead acid batteries on our planet, by replacing them with more reliable and environmentally friendly li-ion batteries.

If we win:

It will allow us an opportunity to implement our technological advances and begin to build our first manufacturing cell.

Cleantech Open Anecdote:

At the one-on-one business clinics I met two of the smartest business people I have ever encountered; Andrew Green and Jim Diestel. I had no idea that they would offer me such great advice in just one hour. Top Notch!

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