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SparkCharge (2016 CTONE alumni) co-founders Joshua Aviv and Christopher Ellis pitch their mobile EV charging system on the Season 12 premiere of Shark Tank. (Source: InsideEVs)

The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather events have reinforced the urgency of  accelerating the clean energy transformation to curb climate change impacts, as well as the need to restructure and fortify our systems. The robust cleantech ecosystem in the Northeast is stepping up to the task. There is enhanced collaboration among governments, cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, and non-profits who are working together to spearhead climate change mitigation and adaptation through technological innovation. It has been an honor for me to work with such a supportive community, and to see that innovation is not being stifled by the disruptive impacts of the pandemic; rather, key actors are meeting this critical moment with vigor and optimism. 

In spite of the hurdles posed by the pandemic, Cleantech Open Northeast alumni are making headlines in 2020 as they advance their clean technology solutions that will help pave the way to a more sustainable and resilient future. They are working to solve some of the biggest climate challenges related to water, waste, agriculture, transportation, information and communications, chemicals and advanced materials, energy generation, energy distribution and storage, and energy efficiency. All of them are poised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

7AC Technologies (2010)

  • Businesswire reports the acquisition of 7AC Technologies by Emerson, a global technology and engineering company leading in advanced heating and cooling technologies. 

Actasys (2013)

  • Actasys CEO Miles Flanenbaum shares an update on the $5 million round of venture funding, and their partnership with Volvo Cars as they develop their product for use on production vehicles.

ADC Technologies (2020)

AeroShield (2019)

Andluca Technologies (2020)

  • Andluca Technologies accepts the 2020 Edison Patent Award by the Research & Development Council of New Jersey.

  • Princeton Innovation features Andluca Technologies in this article about the technology that started as a university research project. 

Atrevida Science (2020)

Blackburn Energy (2014)

BlocPower (2013)

Capro-X (2018)

  • Capro-X is granted $724,000 as a winner of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase II Award.

change:WATER Labs (2017)

CLIP (2020)

Farm to Flame Energy (2020)

Flux Marine (2019)

Foodspace (2018)

GreenChoice (2018)

Growflux (2020)

Insanirator (2018)

Joro (2017) 

Littoral Power Systems, Inc. (2019)

Magnomer (2018)

Metalmark (2018)

Muon Vision (2020)

Natel Energy (2005)

  • Natel Energy is featured in this BBC article about climate-resilient hydropower.

  • Forbes highlights Natel Energy's fish-friendly hydropower technology.

  • Natel Energy closes an $11 million investment led by Schneider Electric Ventures and supported by Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

  • Natel Energy commissions The Monroe Hydro Project.

Onvector (2018)

Oyster Tracker (2018) 

Pecos Wind (2017)

Prometheon Power Systems (2017)

Quatcare (2019)

Radical Plastics (2018)

RenewCO2 (2020)

Roco Industries (2019)

Saitec Offshore (2018)

  • IEEE Spectrum covers Saitec’s partnership with German utility RWE to deploy floating wind turbines off the coast of northern Spain.

  • Reuters Events highlights Saitec’s plans to begin construction of DemoSATH, the first floating wind turbine to be connected to Spain’s power grid.

Scanifly (2019)

Solstice Solar (2015)

SomEV (2019)

SparkCharge (2016)

  • The Moguldom Nation details SparkCharge’s mission to address barriers to electric vehicle adoption with their portable on-demand charging station, and the $3.3 million raised to support the technology’s development.

  • InsideEVs recaps the $1 million dollar deal SparkCharge lands on SharkTank for their portable EV charger technology.

  • The Buffalo News covers SparkCharge’s Shark Tank investment.

Sulis (2018)

SunBug Solar (2008)

Sunthetics (2020)

Teratonix (2019)

T-Omega Wind (2020)

Unocup (2020)

Virimodo (2018)

The following companies are announced as 2020 Ray of Hope Prize Finalists.

The following companies received grants from Emissions Reductions Alberta as part of the Natural Gas Challenge.

Each of the following companies is awarded $100,000 in funding from MassCEC’s Bridging Recovery for Innovators Driving Green Energy Solutions (BRIDGES) Program.

Funding from MassCEC’s Catalyst and InnovateMass programs are awarded to the following Cleantech Open alumni.

The following companies are recipients of $200,000 from EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants.

The following companies join the 2020 Canadian Technology Accelerator program.

To read more about the Cleantech Open alumni highlights in 2020 and the 2020 accelerator program, check out the 2020 Impact Report.

You can learn more about the Cleantech Open Northeast here.

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