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Katie West and Cassia Schuler and Phoebe Su


BlocPower, 2013 CTONE Alum, and founder Donnel Baird is profiled in The Washington Post’s “Climate Visionaries” series.

While the COVID-19 pandemic and climate concerns continue to affect our lives, Cleantech Open Northeast alumni are making headlines as they strive to tackle the world's biggest and most pressing environmental and energy challenges.  They have adapted to the challenging circumstances and are addressing challenges related to water, waste, agriculture, transportation, information and communications, chemicals and advanced materials, energy generation, energy distribution and storage, and energy efficiency. Yet, even as we begin to transition back to "normal," serious events such as the heat waves wreaking havoc across the country and the severe drought out West, underscore the importance of our alumni's work to create a more sustainable and resilient future. 

*This blog will cover the entire year, so come back often to see the latest updates! 

The years indicate when the startups participated in the Cleantech Open accelerator.

Aclarity (2018)

Advanced Silicon Group (2015)

AeroShield (2019)

Alchemr (2020)

Andluca (2020) 

  • Andluca Technologies is selected as one of 40 companies to participate in the NREL Industry Growth Forum. 

  • Selected participant in The DeltaClimeVT business accelerator program.

  • Andluca Technologies was awarded $75,000 from the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) through the Clean Tech Seed Grant Program.

  • Andluca Technologies won $400,000 from Luminate Accelerator in the Luminate Finals 2021.

anessa (2019)

ARC Industries (2020)

Ashipa Electric (2021)

  • In 2020, Ashipa Electric identified an area within Waterside Local Government Area of Ogun State, South-West Nigeria, that had never had electricity. Ashipa Electric set an agenda to electrify the communities in the area and in the long run boost the commercial, economic and social prospects of these communities. Today, the Lomiro community, the first community to get energized in the area, can boast of a steady power supply thanks to Ashipa Electric. Watch it here. 

Atrevida Science (2020) 

Blackburn Energy (2014) 

BlocPower (2013)

Carbon BioEnergy (2018)

change:WATER Labs (2017) (2020)

Ecotone Renewables (2021)

eHempHouse (2021)

Elateq (2020)

Empeq (2016)

  • EMPEQ Unveils New FastSiteSurvey™ Data Capture & Reporting App to Transform Commercial Building Equipment Audits

    • (it’s a seamless equipment data capture application that is revolutionizing commercial and industrial building equipment audits and enabling energy efficiency professionals to complete more projects in a fraction of the time, more accurately, and at a much lower cost)

  • EMPEQ is changing the way commercial and industrial building proprietors finance upgrades and replacements for essential building equipment, such as HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration) systems by utilizing Rapid Placement traditional financing, as well as its own unique subscription model, to provide small- to mid-size organizations with simple to understand finance options and easy to use tools to keep their buildings and equipment operational.

EnergySage (2012)

Farm to Flame Energy (2020)

  • Farm to Flame wins a competitive $100,000 EPA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. 

  • Farm to Flame Energy was awarded $75,000 from the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) through the Clean Tech Seed Grant Program.

Feedback Solutions Inc. (2019)

Flux Marine (2019) 

Foodspace (2018)

GreenBlu (2016)

  • GreenBlu was awarded $75,000 from the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) through the Clean Tech Seed Grant Program.

GreenChoice (2018)

GrowFlux (2020)

Haystack (2018)

HEVO (2013)

Hydronic Shell Technologies (2021)

ITHACA Clean Energy (2020)

Joro (2017)

Kara Water (2019)

Metalmark (2018) 

Moduly (2021)

Muon Vision (2020)

Natel Energy (2005) 

Obaggo (2012) 

  • David New’s Obaggo machine is featured in the innovation section of

Onvector (2018)

Osmoses (2021)

Pecos Wind Power (2017)

PowerHV (2019)

Princeton NuEnergy (2021)

Prisere (2020) 

  • Prisere is featured in Forbes Next 1000: The Upstart Entrepreneurs Redefining the American Dream. 

QD Solar (2020) 

Radical Plastics (2018) 

RenewCO2 (2020)

rStream Recycling (2021)

RoadPower Systems (2020)

Sealed (2013)

  • Sealed raised a $16M series B with funding from investors Fifth Wall and Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition Ventures.

SkyCanoe (2019) 

SolaBlock (2012)

Sol Clarity (2020)

Solstice (2014)

SparkCharge (2016) 

Sunthetics (2020) 

T-Omega Wind (2020)

  • T-Omega Wind, Inc. has appointed its CEO! Congratulations to Brita Osmundsvaag Formato on joining T-Omega Wind to accelerate the company’s goal of radically redesigning offshore wind! 

Tank Utility (2015)

  • HUGE congratulations to Tank Utility being acquired by Generac

TechStyle Materials (2018)

Teratonix (2019)

Thermolift (2014)

  • Thermolift will begin real-world field tests of residential fuel-flexible heat pumps for single family homes, the first pilot in North America.

  • ThermoLift was selected as the first investment made by NGIF Cleantech Ventures.

Thiozen (2020)

  • Thiozen raised $3M in series seed funding to advance low emission hydrogen!

Transfoam (2021)

Zero (2021)