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As the country moves forward towards clean energy and climate conscious activities, Cleantech Open Northeast will be posting news of our alumni throughout the year. We want to highlight these visionary companies and celebrate the successes they experience as they work towards a better, healthier future for all of us. Alumni startups participating in the Cleantech Open Northeast are especially well-positioned to have real potential for global impact. Read about these companies’ successes and transformative, necessary work below.

*This blog will cover the entire year, so come back often to see the latest updates! 

**The years in parenthesis indicate when the startups participated in the Cleantech Open accelerator.

Featured Alum of the Month




Active Surfaces (2023)







Amply Energy (2023)
Ellexco  (2023)

     SPACESENSE (2023)    Zinco Verde (2023)


2023 Cohort News:

 Active Surfaces (2023 Cohort)

  • Active Surfaces is participating in Venture for ClimateTech’s 2023 accelerator. (article

  • Active Surfaces is the MIT $100K 2023 Launch Winner!  (website) and (article) and (article)

  • Greentown Labs released a news article spotlighting Active Surfaces’ innovative solar module technology and company mission to make solar energy more affordable. (article

  • Selected as one of the Revolutionary 50 Finalists to compete at the The Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition. (website)
  • Shiv Bhakta, Founder of Active Surfaces, has been honored as a 2024 Siebel Scholar for his outstanding accomplishments at the MIT Sloan School of Management. This prestigious award recognizes his remarkable contributions to the fields of business and technology. (article)
  • ActiveSurfaces is our October Startup of the Month for their continued success as both the National Runner-UP at the CTOGlobalForum as well as winning the National People's Choice Award! (article)

  • Shiv Bhakta, Founder of Active Surfaces, has been elected as an Honoree for Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy for 2024! (article)

Ellexco  (2023)

  • Ellexco was selected as one of the three winners in the DOE Geothermal Lithium Extraction Prize for developing a chemical-free lithium extraction technology from geothermal brine. (article)

Matcha Electric  (2023)

  • Matcha joins Climate Haven, a new startup Incubator in New Haven CT, as one of their 2023 Cohort. (article)

People's Energy Analytics  (2023)

  • Destenie Nock, founder of People's Energy Analytics, published a paper on Metrics for Decision-Making in Energy Justice in the Annual Review of Environment and Resources. (article)

Power 3D  (2023)

  • Power 3D was awarded $75,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy for their 3D printed electrode technology, aiming to improve the performance of wearable electronics with longer battery life and faster charging. (article)

Prezerv  (2023)

  • Prezerv advances 3D underground mapping tech in 2024 Grid Catalyst Demonstration Cohort, boosting efficiency and eco-friendliness. (website)

Alumni News:

13 Mari (2021)

  • Celebrated in an article for their solution supporting shipping’s decarbonization. (article)

3D Architech (2022)

  • 3D Architech is participating in the advanced materials accelerator, AdMaCom. (article)

  • 3D Architech was selected to be in the Massachusetts Innovation Network 2023 Eddies Cohort! (article)

4.0 Analytics (2022) 

  • Received approximately $250,000 in funding through the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology's Pilot Clean Tech Demonstration Grant Program! (article)

Aclarity (2018)

  • A $500,000 award has been given to Aclarity through MassVenture’s SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grant program! (article)

  • Aclarity secures $16M in Series A Funding to Deploy Low Energy PFAS “Forever Chemical” Destruction Solution. (article)

ACUA Ocean (2021)

  • Secured funding to develop a new Marine Observation & Biodiversity Intelligence (MOBI) platform. (article)

  • ACUA Ocean and AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding later this year! (article)

  • A £3.8 million government grant has been given to Acua Ocean, Unitrove, and consortium partners to create an unmanned ship and hydrogen fueling station. (article)

  • ACUA Ocean is participating in this year’s Blue Carbon Accelerator Program! (post) and (website)

  • ACUA Ocean’s automated, hydrogen-powered waterplane is anticipated to hit the seas August 2024! With its zero-emission technology, this project will demonstrate the benefits of green short-sea shipping. (article)

  • Received ISO 14001 Environmental Standards accreditation. (article)

  • ACUA Ocean is the recipient of Blue Action Accelerator’s first ever investment! (post)

Advanced Silicon Group (2015)

  • A $100,000 award has been given to Advanced Silicon Group through MassVenture’s SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grant program! (article)

Aeroshield Materials (2019)

  • A $200,000 award has been given to Aeroshield Materials through MassVenture’s SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grant program! (article)

AMATEC (2022)

  • AMATEC has been selected as a finalist to pitch at the Housing Innovation Summit in Denver April 25-27. (article

  • AMATEC is participating in SOSV's hardtech accelerator program, HAX! (article)
  • AMATEC is participating in Venture for ClimateTech’s 2023 accelerator. (article
  • AMATEC was placed as 2024 Cohort at Impel cohort at Berkeley National Lab. (article)

Anessa (2019)

  • Recognized by Energy Business Review as the Top Renewable Energy Solutions Provider in Canada for 2023 (article)

Anax Power (2019)

  • Anax secures $60,000 in technical support for their 500kW Anax Turboexpander (ATE-500) after winning First Place at the 2023 Evolving Energy Pitch Competition. This innovative technology generates clean power from natural gas, completely combustion-free. (article)

Atrevida Science (2020)

  • Featured in a Buffalo News story highlighting innovative startups in Western New York. (article)

Avocet Wind (2022)

  • Received the RI Commerce Corporation $50,000 innovation voucher award. (article)

Barrio Eléctrico  (2021)

Barrio Eléctrico has been chosen by the U.S. DOE to potentially receive a share of $40 million for deploying residential solar installations in vulnerable households in Puerto Rico. This initiative aims to enhance energy resilience and lower bills for 30,000-40,000 single-family households. (article

Bevi (2013)

  • Achieved over 50% growth in recurring revenue, now serving more than 5,000 customers across North America, launched Electrolytes and Vitamin Boost enhancements, and saved over 350 million plastic bottles from entering the environment. (article)

  • Bevi is looking for an Experiential Marketing Specialist. (article)


BlocPower  (2013) 

  • Made the 2023 Global Cleantech 100 list by Cleantech Group. (Report and article)

  • Created their own workforce development program and got funding from the NY Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. (article)

  • BlocPower raised $154 million "for large-scale building electrification and decarbonization, especially in low-income and underserved communities and communities of color"!  (article)

  • Cambridge becomes the first city in New England to partner with BlocPower to decarbonize multi-family buildings. BlocPower does similar work for other large and small municipalities, from New York City to San Jose, Calif. to Ithaca, N.Y.” (ENR article and Footprint Coalition article)

  • BlocPower has been named to CNBC's Disruptor50 list for the third year in a row! (article)

  • BlocPower announces $800,000 in new electrification incentives for affordable multifamily housing projects through a partnership with the City of Cambridge and the MassCEC! (article)

BlueTrace (2018)

  • BlueTrace raised 4.3M in seed funding “to continue scaling its business and modernizing the seafood industry”. (article)

Brash Power (2012) 

  • Great to see several CTO alumni pitched at the EPIC Showcase! Proud to hear that Verde Technologies (2022 alum), Brash Power (2012 alum), Linebird (2022 alum),and Sol Clarity (2020 alum) all pitched. Congratulations to Sol Clarity for winning the Solar Bonus Prize, nominated by Forge. (Power Point)

Cambrian (2008) 

  • Cambrian Receives Investment and $200 Million Growth Equity Commitment from Pennybacker for their Wastewater Treatment and Energy Recovery Solutions. (article)

Capro-X (2018)

  • Capro-X was selected as 1 of 12 finalists out of 161 total applicants in the Carbon to Value (C2V) Initiative! (post)

  • Capro-X joins Greentown Labs’ Quarter 2 startup community! (article)

Clean Flame Thermal Solutions (2023)

  • Clean Flame placed as 2024 Cohort at Impel cohort at Berkeley National Lab. (article)

Clean Valley CIC (2022)

  • Clean Valley CIC was selected to participate in the 2023 Accelerator Program of MassChallenge Switzerland! (article)

  • Completed their SEAentia Report, which details the Portuguese trials of Poseidon’s Biofilter - the dissolved solution they have created to treat aquaculture wastewater. (article)

CLIP BIKE (2020)

  • CLIP is highlighted in Robert Downey Jr.'s climate impact blog, "Footprint Coalition." (article)

Commons (2017)

  • Commons was recognized (and ranked fourth) in the Fortune Impact 20, a list of small enterprises that have built their business models around world-changing ideas, using the profit motive to solve social & environmental problems. (article)

Divert (2006)

  • Divert raised $100M in equity funding. (article) and (article)
  • Divert secured a $1 Billion Infrastructure Development Agreement with Enbridge Inc. (article) and (article)
  • Divert received a $63M green municipal bond issued by the California Public Finance Authority to build a food-to-fuel plant in Turlock, California. (article)
  • In Divert’s first year of collaboration with Giant Foods, they have processed 30.8 million pounds of food waste. This has offset 1,400 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. (article)
  • Since 2021, Divert has processed 1 billion pounds of food waste. (article

Ecolectro, Inc. (2017)

  • Was selected to pitch at the NREL Industry Growth Forum in May! (article)

Ecotone Renewables (2021) 

  • Partnered with Pittsburgh city officials on a composting pilot program that will test regional composting solutions for City residents! (article) and (article)

  • Ecotone has partnered with Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) to station their Zero Emissions Upcycling System (ZEUS) digester outside PIT’s pre-security terminal, where it turns food waste from Dunkin’ Donuts and the Hudson Group into fertilizer and biogas! (article)

  • CEO Dylan Lew was recognized as the “Rising Founder” for the Pittsburgh Inno Fire Awards. (article)

  • Ecotone Renewables is 1 of 5 finalists announced in the University of Pittsburgh Sustainability Challenge who will pitch their ideas at a live pitch event in September for a chance to win $300k to advance carbon neutrality in Pittsburgh. (website)

  • CEO Dylan Lew of Ecotone Renewables, a Rising Founder of the 2023 Inno Fire Awards, is profiled for his innovative approach in waste management systems. (website)
  • Ecotone Renewables won the University of Pittsburgh Sustainability Challenge's $300,000 implementation grant! Their project will be focused on deploying anaerobic digesters, turning food waste into fertilizer. (article)
  • Elliott Bennett, co founder and CFO of Ecotone, won first place representing Ecotone at the Venture Café x Hult Business School Minute to Pitch competition, securing Ecotone new office space and putting them in the running for the $1M Hult Prize. (article)

Elateq (2019)

  • Elateq  was contracted by PepsiCo to “[turn] wastewater into potable water in all of their manufacturing plants all over the world”. (article)

EMPEQ (2016)

  • EMPEQ won the $150,000 grand prize of the HUSTLE Defense Accelerator! (article) and (article)

  • EMPEQ announces it has been selected by AFWERX for a Direct-to-Phase II contract in the amount of $1.2 million focused on its proprietary Instant Equipment Insights computer vision technology to address the nation’s security challenges! (article)

  • EMPEQ placed as 2024 Cohort at Impel cohort at Berkeley National Lab. (article)

  • EMPEQ was awarded $10,000 by the SyracuseCoE Partner Program to support Fast Site SurveyTM, an AI-powered SaaS product that captures atomic-level equipment data to help customers estimate end of useful life and identify inefficient equipment. (article)

  • EMPEQ awarded $1.2 million dollar contract to revolutionize Air Force supply chain. (article)

Enviro Power (2014)

  • Enviro Power’s SmartWatt boiler has been installed in a 74-unit co-op building in the Bronx, NY. (press release)

Enersion (2019)

  • The Toronto Star writes an article covering Enersion’s on-site system that converts solar radiation into cooling, heating and electricity, producing four times more energy than solar panels alone. (article)

Farm to Flame Energy (2020)

  • A $4.4M purchase agreement was recently announced between Farm to Flame Energy and a Vermont-based furniture company. (article

  • Received approximately $250,000 in funding through the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology's Pilot Clean Tech Demonstration Grant Program! (article)
  • Farm to Flame is one of three startups announced as a semi-finalist in the Sustainability category of UpPrize 2023! (article)

Finsulate (2021)

  • Nominated for the 2023 Earthshot Prize in the "Revive Our Oceans" category. (article)

  • Finsulate has been chosen to participate in the Supply Chain Accelerator program of the US Offshore Wind Conference taking place in Boston from July 11-12. (post)

Florrent (2022)

  • Florrent was selected to be in the Inaugural Cohort for ACCEL, an Accelerator for BIPOC-led Climatetech Startups! (article

  • Jose LaSalle, founder and CEO of florrent, shares how his lived experiences and Afro-Indigenous identity have inspired florrent’s mission to contribute to a just energy transition. (article

  • Florrent is featured in BOSTINNO’s Local Cleantech Startups to Watch! (article)

  • Jose LaSalle is a recipient of the 2023 Activate Fellowship! (article)

  • Florrent has secured $2.1 million in Pre-Seed funding for their high-energy density ultracapacitor technology. (article)

  • Florrent, co-founded by Jose LaSalle, is featured in an article focused on their work in developing ultracapacitors for grid-scale renewable energy using sustainable hemp. With support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and venture capital funding, Florrent aims to release commercial products by mid-2025 while contributing to environmental justice initiatives. (article)

Flux Marine (2019)

  • Received the RI Commerce Corporation $50,000 innovation voucher award. (article)

Gaia AI (2021)

  • Matthew Carpenter and Peter McHale, Gaia AI (2021 alum) cofounders, made the Forbes 30 under 30 list! (article

Grain  (2022)

  • “Schneider Electric and Mach49 teamed up to incubate a new venture called Grain Ecosystem”. (article

GSR Solutions (2020) 

  • "Achieved commercial operation of GSR's biotechnology for dairy farms to transform liquid manure wastewater into value-added fertilizers". (article)

  • GSR Solutions LLC has announced the first commercial launch of their biotechnology that converts liquid manure waste into organic fertilizer. The fertilizer is sold under the brand name NutriHarvest®. (article)

Harmony Desalting (2020)

  • Harmony Desalting is a semi finalists in the Startups for Semiconductor Sustainability program. They will make a final pitch in June and finalists will be announced in July. ( article)

  • Harmony Desalting won the Impact Medal for Water & Technical Innovation: Consumables & Chemicals at the GPID on Saturday. comes with $50k cash and piloting support with SWCC, one of the largest desalination companies in the world. (article)

HEVO (2013)

  • HEVO announced its partnership with “Stellantis EVs, which will enable a superior charging experience without sacrificing safety, efficiency, or durability”. (article)

  • HEVO partners with Lightning eMotors in a  program to demonstrate wireless charging of Lightning eMotors' fleet vehicles. (article)

  • HEVO Awarded Largest Public Wireless EV Charging Order to Date to Bring Electric Transit to NYC's Underserved Communities. (article)

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory  has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to HEVO, high power wireless charging including bidirectional and dynamic. (article)

  • Stellantis, one of the largest automakers in the world, partners with HEVO to offer wireless EV charging. (Tech Times article and CleanTechnica article)

HiT Nano (2022) 

  • Received approximately $250,000 in funding through the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology's Pilot Clean Tech Demonstration Grant Program! (article) and (article)
  • Received a DOE Phase I grant to develop sodium-ion battery cathodes. (article)

Husk Power Systems (2008)

  • Made the 2023 Global Cleantech 100 list by Cleantech Group. (Report and article)

  • Won the AI for the Planet award and the 2023 India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) Microgrid Company of the Year Award! (article)

  • Husk Power Systems became EBITDA (Earnings  Before  Interest,  Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) positive  in  Q4  2022 in its two primary markets, Nigeria and India. This makes them the first minigrid company to achieve corporate profitability. (article)

  • Husk Power Systems became the first company to own and operate over 200 community solar minigrids across Asia and Africa. The company has been able to achieve this feat while maintaining an impressive pace of rollout, averaging 16 minigrids per month. (article)

  • Husk Power Systems has been granted $600,000 by the Zayed Sustainability Prize in recognition of their efforts in employing AI-enabled minigrids to deliver continuous renewable energy to residences, small businesses, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. (article)

  • Husk announced plans to launch 500 solar mini-grids in Nigeria over the next five years, and has raised $103 million Series D in equity and debt to meet its objectives. (article)
  • Manoj Sinha, CEO of Husk Power Systems, has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Climate Leaders in 2023 by TIME. (article)

Hydronic Shell Technologies (2021)

  • Hydronic Shell Technologies is participating in Venture for ClimateTech’s 2023 accelerator. (article

  • Fast Company covers Hydronic Shell’s innovative solutions to combating our carbon footprint through retrofitting old apartments with built in heating, cooling, and ventilation. (article)

Hyfoil Marine (2019)

  • The Hyfoil 28 won the prize as the Best New Powerboat Under 30 Feet, as well as the award for Best Overall New Powerboat and the show’s Green Boat Award. (article)

InfiSense (2021)

  • Sealed, a 2013 alum, acquired InfiSense! (article)

Innovia GEO (2021)

  • Joined the Clean Energy Zone at Centre for Urban Energy at Toronto Metropolitan University. (article)
  • Recipient of the 2023 Burlington Economic Development Award for Excellence in Innovation & Technology (article)
  • Innovia GEO has been selected to join the 4WARD.VC Climate Accelerator & Investor Syndicate "Partner in Clime" Accelerator program! (website)
  • Featured in The Climate Scout’s “Climate Startup Spotlight”. (article)
  • Innovia GEO will present as a finalist for the Geothermal Startup of the Year at Project InnerSpace Pivot2023! (article)
  • Innovia GEO makes the Cleantech Group 2023 Cleantech #50toWatch list in recognition for their efforts to take action on the climate crisis and deliver solutions for a net zero future. (article)

Kadeya  (2020)

  • Kadeya is a finalist in both the Water AND Sustainability & Energy categories in this year's Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2023 list. (article)

Littoral Power Systems  (2019)

  • Honorable mention for the Department of Energy’s Hydropower Operations Optimization (H2Os) Prize. (article)

Muon Vision  (2020)

  • Muon Vision has closed its pre-Seed round with Azolla Ventures and The Aventures fund, a pivotal step in strengthening their efficiency, safety, and sustainability of critical mineral processing in mining, crucial for meeting future electrification demands. (article)

Natel Energy (2005 and 2006)

  • Won a bronze medal in the Company of the Year category and were finalists in the Pioneer in New Technology category at the Cleanie Awards! (article)

  • Published a peer-reviewed paper in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management regarding “a study that found a 98.2% immediate and 100% delayed survival rate for juvenile alewife passing through the Restoration Hydro Turbine”. (article and paper)

  • Water Power magazine highlighted Natel’s Monroe Drop hydropower project as the 200th project certified by LIHI. (article)
  • StromLinie, an Austrian power magazine, wrote about Energie Steiermark's next-incubator team and how they chose a FishSafeTM RHT for their Sauerbrunn Hydro Plant. (article)
  • CleanTechnica chatted with Natel partner MyHydro and looked at the impact that Natel's FishSafeTM RHTs could have in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (article)
  • French technology site NeoZone described how Natel’s technology provides a solution for hydropower plants to coexist with migrating fish. (article)
  • Zek Magazin, Energy News 247, and POWER Magazine reported on Natel’s use of an AUMA actuator solution at the Sauerbrunn Hydro Project. (article), (article), and (article)
  • CTO Abe Schneider spoke with Reasons to be Cheerful's Eric Krebs about RHT designs and how critical it is to make hydro retrofits fish safe. (article)
  • Gia Schneider, CEO of Natel, is featured in the latest issue of Hydro Leader Magazine advocating for innovative hydropower projects and emphasizes the use of fish-safe turbines to generate renewable energy while maintaining river connectivity. (article)

Nectar (2022)

  • Selected to participate in the inaugural cohort of gener8tor x U.S. Venture, Inc., Inc. Sustainability Accelerator. (article

NTP Technologies (2022)

  • NTP Technologies joins 2023 GROW Impact Accelerator funded by AgFunder (article)

Onvector (2018) 

  • Secured $2.5 million in a seed round of funding to develop and commercialize their PFAS-destroying Plasma Vortex technology. (article)

  • Onvector LLC has secured a $1.25 million contract to pilot its Plasma Vortex technology at Joint Base Cape Cod in Massachusetts. (article)

Osmoses (2021)

  • A $100,000 award has been given to Osmoses through MassVenture’s SBIR Targeted Technologies (START) grant program! (article)

  • Osmoses raises $11 million in seed round funding led by Energy Capital Ventures to bring its molecule-scale membranes to the industrial gas separation market. (article)

Pecos Wind Power (2017) 

  • Pecos Wind Power has been selected for the 2023 Diamond List, an investor-made list created to spotlight early-stage climate startup companies. (website)

Princeton NUEnergy (2021) 

  • Named CTONE Alumni of the Month in January to celebrate the momentous year that Princeton NuEnergy had in 2022! From the grand opening of its Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Pilot Line in McKinney, Texas to being awarded a $12 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, what a year of achievements! (website)

  • Received approximately $250,000 in funding through the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology's Pilot Clean Tech Demonstration Grant Program! (article)
  • Princeton NUEnergy has officially won a $4+ million grant from the DOE (Department of Energy) to Drive Advancements in Cathode Active Materials Manufacturing (article)

RenewCO2 LLC (2020)

  • Was selected to pitch at the NREL Industry Growth Forum in May! (article)

  • Participated in the Go Make program learning about the use of corporate partnerships to accelerate decarbonization of the supply chain. (article)

rStream (2021)

  • rStream has officially received a $275,000 Phase 1 SBIR Grant from the National Science Foundation! (article)

  • rStream was selected to be in the Massachusetts Innovation Network 2023 Eddies Cohort! (article)

  • rStream has successfully installed the AuditPRO system at University of Massachusetts Amherst's Campus Center in partnership with UMass Dining Sustainability! (article)

  • The Boston Globe features UMass alums Ian Goodine and Ethan Walko, founders of rStream Recycling, for their revolutionary AI-powered trash-sorting system, AuditPRO, designed to cut landfill waste. (article)

Sealed (2013)

  • Sealed acquired InfiSense, a 2021 CTO alum! (article)

Seah4 Pty LTD (2022)

  • SeaH4 secured support for their pilot project through the GreenVoyage2050 Accelerator! (article)

  • SeaH4, led by Johannes Bochdalofsky, clinched the first prize in the EDF Pulse Africa Tour's Southern African stage for their 3rd Generation Biofuels, a net-zero CO2 alternative to fossil fuels, aligning with South Africa's emissions goal and benefiting rural communities. (article)

Sol Clarity (2020) 

  • Great to see several CTO alumni pitched at the EPIC Showcase! Proud to hear that Verde Technologies (2022 alum), Brash Power (2012 alum), Linebird (2022 alum),and Sol Clarity (2020 alum) all pitched. Congratulations to Sol Clarity for winning the Solar Bonus Prize, nominated by Forge. (Power Point)

SparkCharge (2016)

  • Featured in a Buffalo News story highlighting innovative startups in Western New York. (article)

  • Joshua Aviv, CEO of SparkCharge, was named a NSBE Boston STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) 2023 Inspire Honoree. (article)

  • At the Inspire STEM Gala, CEO, Joshua Aviv, was awarded the Innovation Award and Governor Citation from NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Boston Professionals. (article)

  • Joshua Aviv, CEO of SparkCharge, met with Pete Buttigieg, the United States Secretary of Transportation, and Jennifer M. Granholm, U.S. Secretary of Energy, to discuss the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. (article) and ( article)

  • Joshua Aviv, Founder and CEO of SparkCharge has been named one of Boston Globe's Tech Power Players 50! (website)

  • SparkCharge announces a new partnership with Booster, the top provider for mobile fuel delivery. (article)

  • SparkCharge joins Cohort 12 of the ElementalExcelerator and will receive funding and support in creating mobile charging infrastructure across the US. (article)

SunBug Solar (2008)

  • ReVision Energy, the largest employee-owned solar installer in the U.S., is acquiring Sunbug Solar in Massachusetts, aiming to expand its services across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. (article)

Sunthetics (2020)

  • Daniela Blanco, CEO of Sunthetics, is featured by digitalundivided and Cosmopolitan as a 2023 New C-Suite honoree. The programs highlight the stories of women of color across the country who are at the helm of successful businesses. (article)

Ubiquitous Energy (2011)

  • UE Power, Ubiquitous Energy’s solar window products, are currently being piloted at 12 locations. (article

  • Forbes highlights Ubiquitous Energy’s solar capturing glass coating technology and their partnership with Andersen Windows. The two companies are working together to bring a power generating window to market. (article

Verde Technologies (2022) 

  • Great to see several CTO alumni pitched at the EPIC Showcase! Proud to hear that Verde Technologies (2022 alum), Brash Power (2012 alum), Linebird (2022 alum),and Sol Clarity (2020 alum) all pitched. Congratulations to Sol Clarity for winning the Solar Bonus Prize, nominated by Forge. (Power Point)

  • Verde is one of two commercial partners on the new research center focused on perovskite solar commercialization! The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) selected MIT to receive the $11.25 million cost-shared award to establish and lead the new research center. (article

  • Verde Technologies is working out of a University of Vermont lab to make solar cells using perovskites. Their outdoor testing facility at UVM is anticipated to be ready by Fall 2024. (article)

  • Verde Technologies Inc. signed a partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Northern Illinois University (NIU) to commercialize perovskite solar cells. (articleand (article)

Vermillion Power Technologies (2022)

  • Vermillion Power Technologies graduated from DeltaClimeVT Energy, a Vermont-based climate economy business accelerator! The company has been awarded a pilot project by Burlington Electric Department. (article)

Voltpost (2021)

  • Voltpost is featured in a CNBC article covering the Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program. Their lamppost electric vehicle charger is currently being piloted through partnerships with the NYC Department of Transportation and Detroit Smart Parking Lab. (article)
  • Congratulations to the Voltpost team for joining the Exelon Foundation, an independent, non-profit philanthropic organization created with the mission to “encourage respect for the environment and to strengthen the social and economic fabric of the community.” Voltpost will be focusing on the Exelon Foundation’s Climate Change Investment Initiative (2c2i) (post) and (website)
  • Voltpost raised $3.6 million in seed funding in a round led by RWE Energy Transition Investments and participation from Twynam Funds Management, Exelon Foundation, Good News Ventures and Climate Capital. (article) and (article)

Werewool (2020) 

  • Werewool Co-Founder and COO Valentina Gomez has been recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Manufacturing & Industry! (article)