Resiliency Challenge


Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners of the CTO Resiliency Challenge grants: Mycocycle (Midwest 2019) and Quatcare (Northeast 2019). Out of all the CTO alumni applicants, they provided the most compelling and creative proposals to make their businesses stronger and make positive impacts during this pandemic economy. From a field of 40 applications, narrowed down to Ten Finalists, the two companies that won cash grants from the CTO Resiliency Challenge are: 


First Place winning $20,000. Midwest 2019 cohort. 

Proposed pivot: use their existing technology to treat new waste streams that are both higher margin and more readily available during COVID.


Second Place winning $15,000. Northeast 2019 cohort. 

Proposed pivot: adapt their technology from wastewater decontamination to high-volume, high-touch surfaces needing constant cleanliness in public areas.

"We were excited to see so many innovative and creative solutions to address real problems faced by our alumni entrepreneurs - who are enduring worsening economic conditions due to the pandemic. Congrats to Joanne Rodriguez of Mycocyle, Mario Mercado from Quatcare and their colleagues for their optimism, grit and innovation,"

said Ken Hayes, Executive Director of Cleantech Open.

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